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  • Dog Vaccinations

Do dogs need to be vaccinated?

Vaccinations are essential for providing your dog with adequate protection from life threatening and deadly diseases. There is the option of titre testing, which involves blood samples to determine your dog’s immunity. Unfortunately, this is not always 100% reliable, it is costly to perform

 What if I do not vaccinate my dog?

As veterinary professionals, we would always recommend vaccinations, they will help protect them from harmful diseases, and the risk is not worth taking when it comes to your beloved pet.

What vaccines do dogs legally need to have?

It is not a legal requirement to have a dog vaccinated, but it is highly advisable. Some kennels, day care centres and dog trainers require up to date vaccinations for all dogs to use their services. Insurance services can also be invalidated if dogs are not vaccinated.

What age do dog vaccinations stop?

Dogs require annual booster vaccines throughout their lives, this is to ensure maximum protection against life threatening diseases, dog vaccinations are based on the lifestyle of the dog rather than age.

What are the different dog vaccinations?

Annual boosters usually cover leptospirosis and kennel cough (can be given every six months) However distemper, parvovirus and canine hepatitis are usually needed every three years. Therefore, a dog would need a vaccine every year to have maximum protection against diseases.

Dog vaccination Offers

Here at Peak Vets, we will try to save you money and keep your pet happy and healthy. We offer various discounts for dog vaccinations, take a look at our offers page