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Peak Vets aims to provide a high-quality service, at reasonable prices. We will provide you with an estimate for all procedures that your pet has with us.

Your local Veterinary Surgery 

We care about you and your pet. Our experienced vets and nurses make sure your pets get the best possible treatment and guarantee your visit is as stress free as possible. To make sure your pet stays fit, healthy and active for a longer happier life, we also offer a range of free nurse health clinics to monitor their wellbeing and development; these are available to any pet owner in Sheffield.

Please find below some of our most common prices:

Prices are are inclusive of VAT.

  • Consultation: £46.76
  • Nail clipping: £27.16
  • Expression of anal glands: £27.16
  • Castrate cat (male): £76.53
  • Spey cat (female): £109.07
  • Castrate dog (male): £206.98 - £259.20
  • Spey bitch (female): £296.13 - £366.19
  • Post-operative checks: free

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