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Microchipping can bring peace of mind. A microchip is a very small chip (the size of a grain of rice) placed under the skin of your pet between the shoulder blades. Each microchip has a unique number that can be read by portable scanners at most vets, local authorities and rescue shelters.

We always recommend a microchip for your pet to ensure that he or she may be easily identified should they go missing as collars and tags can easily be lost or removed. Microchipping is compulsory under UK law for all dogs over 8 weeks of age.

Microchips are easily implanted with an injection into the scruff of the neck at a routine appointment and are checked to ensure they can be read by a scanner. This is a quick procedure that is not harmful to pets.

Pets travelling abroad are required to be microchipped as part of the Pet Travel Scheme (Pet Passport).