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When you make a decision about owning a pet, this can mean a new set of outgoings for you per month and annually; however, the benefits of pet ownership far outweigh the costs for many people. 

If pet ownership is the next step for you - welcome to new pet ownership! Now is the time for you to visit Peak Vets in Sheffield and register your pet today. 

Here at Peak Vets, we offer a range of veterinary services for pets of all sizes, ages, and breeds, helping to ensure that they stay in the best health throughout their lives. Our range of services includes:

Why not take a look at our services online today at all of our services or book an appointment at a time of your convenience. 


Our Prices and Offers

Service Pet Health For Life Discount
Consultations* Included (2 per year)
Nurse Clinic* Included (2 per year)
Vaccinations Included
- Puppy & Kitten Included
- Dog & Cat Included
Neutering 10% off
Flea & Worm Treatment Included
Dental Care Contact to find out more
Microchipping Included
Annual Health Check Included
Nail Clipping** Included
Anal Gland Expression** Included
Repeat Prescription Re-Eximination Consultation See our Prescriptions Information
Specialist Services
Nutrition Contact to find out more

*Terms & Conditions apply 

**Provided where appropriate 


If you would like to know more about our services or standard prices, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Peak Vets today. We are on hand to help you with all of the necessary information regarding treatments, procedures, advice, and more. 

If you are looking to know more about out Cat or Dog Pet Health for Life plans, you can take a look online and get your pet signed up today.

If you have an emergency, our Out of Hours Services and Late Evenings Service are available to help you. Find out more about how to get in touch with our out-of-hours care

Learn more about Cat Pet Health for Life plans     Learn more about Dog Pet Health for Life plans


Affordable Vet Services in Sheffield

In Sheffield, we understand that pet ownership can be costly, but this does not take away from the fact that pet ownership can come with many benefits and enjoyment too. 

Sheffield is known for its masses of green spaces, including parks, allotments, gardens, play areas, and community spaces. This makes it a great city in which to have a pet and let them enjoy the great outdoors with you. For some pets, this may just be in your garden, but for others, it could mean long walks in the park. There is always plenty of activities to enjoy with your pets before finding safety back at home. 

Another element of Sheffield that makes it great for pet owners is the array of pubs, cafes, coffee shops, and other amenities that are pet friendly. this means that your pets are welcome throughout the city, not just at home!


FAQs About Procedures & Pricing

What Is the Average Cost of Pet Healthcare?

Over the course of a pet’s lifetime, for both cats a dogs, pet ownership can cost on average between £16,000 and £33,000!This cost can vary depending on the type of pet the you have and what their healthcare requires throughout their lives. Sometimes, unexpected bills can creep up on you without life long healthcare plans. 

Some of the things to consider include:

The list of things to consider for any pet can be extensive with everything adding to the overall costs, but with the right health plans in place, the cost can be spread across the lifetime of your pet more efficiently. 

How to Spread Your Vet Costs - Investing in a Pet Health Plan

With a lot to take into consideration, we understand that your decision regarding pet ownership may take some time; however Peak Vets are here to help you!

Providing the best treatments and services for your pet at an affordable price. Our Pet Health for Life plans can aid in spreading the cost of preventative healthcare evenly throughout the year, ensuring your pet is well looked after and receives the best treatment when needed. 

If you are new to pet ownership, why not register your pet with us online. Once registered, you can book an appointment with a member of our team. 

As a Gold Level Cat Friendly Clinic , we provide a calm and quiet environment for your cat or kitten when they come into our practice. Our aim is to reduce the anxiety and stress that this can cause for your cat at every possible stage of their visit. 

We look forward to meeting both you and your pet at Peak Vets in Sheffield soon!

Pet Health For Life - Does This Spread My Costs?

Yes! Ensuring that your pet receives the best care throughout their lives is important. Why not consider our Pet Health for Life plans for both cats and dogs. These plans are the perfect solution for spreading the cost of your pet’s healthcare throughout the year, giving your pet the best protection and preventative healthcare. 

When you sign your pet up to our Pet Health for Life plan, they will benefit from a range of treatments and services here at Peak Vets.

Cat Plan

£16 (per month)

Dog Plan

£17 (per month)

Large Dog Plan (Over 25kg) 

£21 (per month)

Why not find out more about our plans and sign your pet up to a Pet Health for Life plan today. Alternatively, book an appointment to find out more. 

Please Note: Pet Health for Life is not Pet Insurance 

It is important to note that Pet Health for Life plans are not Pet Insurance plans. We recommend that you take out Pet Insurance alongside your Pet Health for Life plan to ensure that your pet is fully covered.  

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