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As a local veterinarian serving the greater Sheffield area, Peak Vets near Crystal Peaks in Sheffield takes great pride in our community and our surroundings, and love giving your beloved pets the best care possible. Our team of friendly, highly skilled specialists works to customise each pet's treatment to meet its unique needs.

Our team works to give your pet the proper care so they can remain healthy. We offer a variety of preventative treatments, nutritional advice, consultations, and other services. We provide a prescription service for you since we recognise that sometimes medications are necessary for your pet's health.

Despite being small, we are a busy veterinary clinic with cutting-edge equipment that provides the highest calibre medical care for your pets. With the help of our diagnostic tools, surgical rooms, isolation unit, and on-site pharmacy, we are able to give your pet the care they need at every stage of their medical journey.


Fill out our contact form, schedule an appointment online, or call us at 0114 250 7733 if you wish to check on your pet's health or seek treatment or advice.


Explore our healthcare services for your pet

Your pet's health is significant, and at Peak Vets, we recognise this. A range of services and treatments are available from our team, who provide a professional and welcoming service.

Pet health care addresses a variety of need. We offer a variety of services, such as annual exams, consultations, and treatments.

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Vets in Crystal Peaks, Sheffield

Peak Vets' staff is aware that there are situations when you'll wish to bring your pet along. To make things clear and concise for you, we have put up the most recent travel advice for pets.

At Peak Vets, we also have a pharmacy team that can write the appropriate medicines for your dogs. We understand how important their health is to you, and having a pharmacy close by can help. Today, you can learn more about our service online.

For your dog or cat, we also offer our "Pet Health for Life" programmes. These are all-inclusive package that meets the needs of your dog or cat for preventative care. Because it includes annual health exams, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, and more, this is a great way to ensure that your pet stays healthy throughout the entire year. To register your pet, give us a call right away or complete our online registration form.

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Why Choose Peak Vets?

Here at Peak Vets, we have four core values that we follow:

Peak Respect Peak Experience Peak Care Peak Respect


• Outstanding quality care from a team you can trust
• Routine treatments such as vaccinations, parasite control and health checks
• Nurse clinics for preventative treatments and advice
• Preventative health care plan
• We’ll remind you when your next treatment is due
• Convenient online appointment booking
• Cat-friendly clinics


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Book your appointment online with us today.

Peak Vets' staff is eager to meet you and your pet in the near future. A happy, healthy pet is crucial, which is why our team is here to assist in giving your pet the best possible care and attention.

Our welcoming and professional setting is ideal for both pets and owners since it calms you down and gives you confidence that your pet is in capable hands. Make an appointment with us right away at a time that works for both you and your pet. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment with us right now online. 


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We recognise that your pet is a member of your family and that, in the event of illness or injury, you would want to seek immediate counsel and care. This is why Peak Vets offers an after-hours emergency service through Vets Now, who will discuss your worries and provide you with the necessary guidance. Contact us at 0114 250 7733 to speak with the Vets Now staff.