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  • Cat Friendly Clinic in Sheffield | Peak Vets

ISFM Accredited Cat Friendly Clinic

We at Peak Vets in Sheffield are honoured to be members of the ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine) and are proud to be a Silver level approved cat friendly clinic.

We acknowledge that every cat is different and has different needs, therefore it's critical to us to show our dedication to the creatures you place in our care. In collaboration with International Cat Care (iCC), we have examined ways to optimise Peak Vets for our feline clients in Sheffield.

Clinic for cats in Sheffield

Due to the fact that cats are naturally sensitive to changes in their surroundings, we can suggest ways to lessen your cat's stress levels throughout their visit to Peak Vets and on their vet appointment in Sheffield.

We had to fulfil a number of carefully chosen requirements as specified by iCC in order to receive the top Silver Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation. We have demonstrated that we:

  • Recognise the demands of cats and make an effort to attend a veterinarian's cat-friendly facility.
  • have committed to being "scruff free" and to abiding by the ISFM's principles for nursing care and cat-friendly handling.
  • Have a staff person designated as a Cat Advocate to manage and administer our clinic's cat-friendly status.
  • By providing continual staff education, cats can be approached and handled softly and with care.
  • Have the tools necessary to meet the special care requirements of cats


Cat friendly vet in Sheffield

In addition to offering you advice on the most comfortable and safest way to bring your cat to Peak Vets in Sheffield, we are trained to handle cats in a way that minimises stress, fear, and anxiety as a Silver Standard Cat Friendly Clinic in Sheffield.

Our specialist cat advocate, Laura Stevens, is here to address any queries or worries you may have as well as to offer guidance and information on taking care of your feline.

Our cat friendly facilities include:

  • a distinct waiting area for cats. Your cat carrier can be placed on elevated surfaces that are separate from areas where other animals might be waiting. To provide the cats with an additional feeling of security, there is also a visible barrier.
  • Using diffusers with cat pheromones helps relax and reassure
  • A serene, well-furnished consultation area that is peaceful enough for cats to relax in
  • a variety of tools, including blood pressure monitors and weights designed specifically for cats, to give our feline patients the best possible treatment.
  • a hospital space where the cats and other species are separated visually. To ensure your cat solitude while they are staying with us, we provide cosy, soft bedding, cat igloos, perches, and hidden boxes.
  • Sheffield offers surgical, dental, laboratory, and diagnostic imaging facilities that provide high-quality care for feline patients during treatments.

If you have any questions regarding the facilities in Sheffield and care we provide for your cats, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0114 250 7733 


Find out more about what makes us a Silver Level Cat Friendly clinic below.