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Cat Microchipping is a permanent identification technique that involves implanting a chip—about the size of a rice grain—under your pet's skin behind their whiskers.

Pet Microchipping in Sheffield

In addition to cat microchipping in Sheffield, we also microchip dogs and a variety of other animals. The microchipping of pets is highly advised by Peak Vets.

Additionally, microchipping all canines is now mandated by law. If your dog is not microchipped, you risk a fine of up to £500. It is also important to remember that your pet has to obtain an Animal Health Certificate and be microchipped if you intend to take them overseas.

Cat Microchipping Services

The cat microchipping insertion process doesn't require sedation; your cat won't experience much discomfort during it, and it may be completed at a standard consultation. We can use a scanner to verify whether your cat has previously been microchipped if you are unsure. Always check for existing microchips before getting another implant for your pet.

When you have a cat microchip implant, a member of the Peak Vet team will ask you to complete a registration form. Once that is done, your data will be transferred to a national database. For as long as your pet is with you, your information will be kept on file in a database for pets, as part of the implantation fee.

Any changes to your contact information should be updated as soon as possible. When used in the Animal Health Certificate programme, all of Peak Vets' cat microchipping services adhere to the worldwide standard (ISO) and are detectable by scanners even when traveling.


Cat Microchipping Specialists At Peak Vets

Committed to the Safety and Welfare of Your Cat

we at Peak Vets provide trustworthy and knowledgeable cat microchipping services in Sheffield.

Here's why we are your trusted choice:

  • Experienced Team: The significance of cat microchipping for safety is recognised by our knowledgeable staff. To protect your cat's comfort and well-being, we perform the surgery with accuracy and care.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We use state-of-the-art microchipping equipment to ensure the process is quick, virtually painless, and accurate. Your cat's comfort is our priority.
  • Comprehensive Registration: We help you register your cat's microchip with a national pet recovery database after it has been implanted. This guarantees that your contact details are current and simple to find in an emergency.
  • Affordable and Accessible: Our microchipping services are accessible and reasonably priced, making it simple for any cat owner in Sheffield to ensure the protection of their furry friends.


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