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Did you know… Are you aware that pet neutering in Sheffield has significant health benefits for your pet?

Whether your pet is a recently adopted puppy or kitten or an older dog, cat or rabbit, pet neutering can be an essential part of their care for a healthy and happy life.

Your pet is in the best care at Peak Vets. To make sure your pets are well taken care of, we have the greatest facilities and a team of skilled veterinary surgeons and qualified veterinary nurses located in Sheffield.

Additionally, after an initial consultation with one of our veterinarians, members of our Pet Health for Life plan are eligible to get a 10% discount on pet neutering services.

It is best to schedule a consultation so that we can discuss the alternatives with you and choose a time that works best for your pet.

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Benefits of pet neutering in Sheffield

The surgical treatment known as "pet neutering" is carried out under general anaesthesia to remove all or a portion of an animal's reproductive organs in order to stop it from reproducing. Castration is the surgery done on males while spaying is the treatment done on females.

  • Prevents womb infections and unintended pregnancies.

  • Can aid in breast cancer and tumour prevention.

  • Helps also avoid testicular and prostate cancer.

  • Helps to stop aggressive attitudes and wandering.

  • Pet neutering is normal! In the UK, 71% of owned dogs and 86% of owned cats are neutered*

*PSDA Paws report 2020

When's the best time for pet neutering?





From 4 months

From 4 months


From 6 months although we will consider your pet’s weight, breed and behaviour  

Pre-season or at least 3 months after season


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