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Pet Microchipping is Now Legal in the UK!

With pet microchipping being a legality in the UK now for both cats and dogs, now might be the right time to find microchipping near me…

Peak Vets in Sheffield can ensure that your pet is healthy, happy, and fully compliant with UK regulations for microchipping. Why not visit us today with your pet to find out more…


Cat & Dog Microchipping

Microchipping is the insertion of a small chip into your pet’s neck. This microchip has its own unique identification code that once inserted, gives them their own identification number online. All microchips are registered online in the registry database with your contact details held against your pet’s microchip. This means that if you ever find your pet missing, we can return them to you quickly when found through the microchip identification system.

For dogs, microchipping has been a legal requirement for a number of years for all over 8 weeks old. This is not only to aid in returning lost pets, but also to help identify owners if a dog has carried out an attack at any point. Owners who do not get their dog microchipped can face fines of up to £500!

Cat microchipping has only become a legality in the UK in March 2023. All cats over 20 weeks old must be microchipped by June 2024, or owners face fines of up to £500. Again, this is to help in returning lost cats when they have been found alone.

At Peak Vets, we don’t like to think of dogs or cats wandering off from their owners or homes. This is why we ensure that our microchip scanner is always fully functioning, ready to scan any animal that comes into our clinic. Our scanner picks up any microchip and will alert us to the owners’ details from the registry database.

Note: It is important once you have microchipped your kept to ensure that your details are kept up to date should you move.

We also offer microchipping for your pets if you are new to pet ownership. Once your pet has been registered with us, we can check if there is an existing microchip and if not, insert the chip there and then. Luckily, it is as pain free as possible for your pet, without the need for anaesthetic.


You Can Microchip Your Rabbit…

Although microchipping your rabbit is not a legal requirement, it is still highly recommended by our Peak Vets team.

We offer microchipping for your rabbits, helping to ensure that if they hop too far from home, we are able to bring them back safely for you once found and identified.

Rabbits are naturally used to living in groups as they are social animals. They also enjoy being in the great outdoors and often will not worry if they have wandered off too far from your garden. With this in mind, you can microchip your bunny to help reduce the likelihood of them going missing or being lost forever.


Pet Healthcare Spread Evenly!

Whenever you decide that pet ownership is right for you, this comes with regular bills as well as the odd spontaneous bill for unforeseen medical procedures. At Peak Vets, we understand that these costs can be a deal breaker for some people and pet ownership. This is why we have introduced our Pet Health for Life Plans.

Although currently only available for cats and dogs, they are a great way to ensure that your pet receives regular outstanding care, as well as being covered with the basics for remaining happy and healthy. Our Pet Health For Life Plans include microchipping, annual health checks, vaccinations and discounts on other procedures.

Find out more on our Pet Health for Life Plans today and get your pet signed up!


Learn more about Cat Pet Health for Life plans     Learn more about Dog Pet Health for Life plans


Peak Vets, Sheffield Are Here To Help You!

Peak Vets, Sheffield are proud to have been serving the local community for a number of years, offering high quality services for your pets. We aim to ensure that every pet leaves us happy and healthy, giving owners peace of mind.

If you would like to register your pet with us, you can do this online today. Once registered, you can book your appointments online at a time of your convenience, making sure that your pet’s health takes priority when needed.

You can find out more about our services online today, including microchipping, neutering, dental care, vaccinations, flea & worm treatments and more. Our standard pricing is available; alternatively, you can explore our Pet Health for Life plans and sign up today.

For cat owners, it is key to note that Peak Vets is a Gold Level Cat Friendly Clinic. This means that we understand the needs of your feline friends, aiming to provide a quiet, calming environment upon their visit to reduce their anxiety, stress, and fear.

We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon in clinic soon!


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