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  • Microchipping Your Pets in Sheffield | Peak Vets

Microchipping your pet is an identification method for pets, becoming increasingly popular in recent years, and becoming a legal requirement for dogs. If you own a pet in Sheffield, why not check for a microchip today!


What is Microchipping?

Microchipping is when your pet is injected with a microchip that contains your contact details and data. The process of microchipping your pet is quick and causes minimal distress to the animal.

There is no need for sedation, the microchip is simply implanted with an injection into your pet quickly during an annual health check. This chip will then stay chipped for their lifetime without any need for maintenance. If you are unsure whether your pet is microchipped or not, this can easily be checked for you. Checking for microchips is a process of scanning to see if a chip can be identified.

Once your pet has been microchipped, you as the owner will be asked to complete a registration form that is submitted to the national database. This information if kept for the duration of the pet’s lifetime.


Why Microchip Your Pets?

Firstly, microchipping for dogs is a legal requirement. Without a microchip, you can be fined up to £500! When buying your dog, this should be checked immediately in order to avoid a fine.

Other benefits of microchipping your pets in Sheffield include:

  • Helping locate your pet if lost or stolen
  • Pets can be reunited with owners easily
  • Microchipping your pet can act as a deterrent to theft - It is harder to re-sell a pet that is microchipped.


Pet Microchipping Services from Peak Vets

If you are looking to get your pet microchipped in the Sheffield area, why not pay Peak Vets a visit today. We offer microchipping services for cats, dogs, rabbits, and equestrians.

Our team understand that this process may cause minimal discomfort for your animal but try to be as gentle as possible throughout. Highly trained with pets of all sizes, our veterinary team can microchip your pet today. If you are unsure whether your pet is microchipped, our team are able to check and advise you on this accordingly.


Your Local Veterinary Practice, Peak Vets

Peak Vets offer a range of services for your pet alongside microchipping:

Alternatively, you may want to consider our Pet Health for Life plans for your cat or dog. These plans are inclusive of the essentials to pet healthcare, ensuring that your pet has the best healthcare yearlong at an affordable monthly cost.

For more information on any of our services at Peak Vets in Sheffield, get in touch with our team today.


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If you are new to pet ownership or have never registered your pet with a local vet, why not start this today. You can register your pet online with Peak Vets or book your appointment with us at a time of your convenience.

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