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  • Flea Treatment for Cats | Ticks & Worms | Peak Vets
  • Flea Treatment for Cats | Ticks & Worms | Peak Vets

Protection against fleas is an essential part of your cat’s annual healthcare regime, keeping them happy and healthy. Fleas, ticks and worms are often found in environments that cats love…the outdoors! This is why protecting your cat is important to avoid irritation and bringing these parasites into your home. 

Fleas and worms can be harmful to humans just as much as your feline friends. 


The Importance of Year-Round Flea Treatment for Cats

At Peak Vets, part of your cat’s annual health checks and our Cat Pet Health for Life Plan is a year-round flea and worm treatment. This is given to protect your cats throughout the year and help avoid bringing an infestation into your family home. 

Fleas thrive in warm humid environments so once they are in your home, they can be incredibly difficult to remove. Hatching in cracks in your floorboards or in carpets, they can survive for months before hatching 50 eggs a day!

For your cats, fleas can make them miserable. Fleas bite every 5 minutes, leaving your cat itchy and feeling uncomfortable. They feed on your cat’s blood before laying their eggs. 

Worms can also be a threat to your cats as well, with tapeworms and ringworm being highly prolific in the UK. It is likely that if your cat has fleas, they also have tapeworm. It is vital to protect your pets against these parasites to avoid unpleasant thoughts and treatments. 


Effects of Fleas on Cats Without Treatment

Fleas are a constant irritation for cats if found on their skin, biting them constantly and causing itchiness. This can lead to a wider range of health problems for your cat potentially, including dermatitis, anaemia and possibly even worms!

If you have noticed a change in your cat’s behaviour and temperament, this can also be a result of fleas. Because they are being irritated by fleas, your cat may become more agitated and irritable. They may also seem more lethargic or have a loss of appetite.

If you notice any changes, contact Peak Vets today and seek guidance on how to approach a possible flea infestation in your home and on your beloved cat. 


Benefits of Flea Treatments

Having a year-round flea treatment, often protecting against worms as well, can have many benefits not only for your cat but for you and your home too. 

  • Year-round flea protection
  • Prevention of flea-bourne diseases or parasites
  • Relief from itching and discomfort
  • Improved health and well-being for your cat
  • Peace of mind that your home environment is parasite free.

If you would like to know more about the available flea treatments for cats, contact Peak Vets in Sheffield today. 


If your cat is not yet registered with us, you can do this today. You can also sign your cat up for our Cat Pet Health for Life Plan. Not only does this cover your year-round flea and worm treatment, but it also includes microchipping, vaccinations, 10% off neutering and more! Find out more today and sign up with us. 

If you are wanting to seek some guidance on how to correctly deal with a flea infestation, give us a call today on 0114 250 7733. Our team are on hand to help you and if needed, book your cat in for their treatment appointment. Alternatively, you can book online with us today. 

We understand here at Peak Vets that a visit to the vet can cause stress and anxiety for cats. This is why we are a Gold Standard cat-friendly clinic. We have a specific cat waiting area that is quiet, aiming to keep their experience as calm as possible to reduce anxiety and stress. For more information on what this means for you and your cat upon a clinic visit, click here. 

We look forward to seeing you and your feline friend in our cat-friendly clinic soon!