Dollie a 7 year old French Bulldog- Bladder Stones Case

Dollie Bladder Stones Case

Dollie, Dollie bladder stonesa lovely 7-year-old French Bulldog, was brought to us at the end of February, as she was showing signs of cystitis, including speckles of blood in her urine. Dollie was initially prescribed a course of antibiotics, but unfortunately, there wasn’t any improvement in her symptoms. As a result, further investigation was undertaken.

On examination, they could feel some hard structures within her stomach. To confirm her suspicions, Dollie had an abdominal ultrasound which revealed several stones sat within the bladder.

Dollie was booked in for surgery the following day with Madeleine one of our Veterinary Surgeons. Before operating, Dollie had a quick x-ray to check how many stones there were in her bladder, which revealed there was a total of four. The stones were surgically removed under general anaesthetic, and while operating, her bladder was flushed out with saline to ensure no smaller stones were left behind.

Dollie has made a full recovery, and returned home the same day as her operation – back to her usual happy self within a few days with no symptoms!

The stones found were sent away for analysis to out what components they were made of. This allowed us to come up with a treatment plan for her to reduce any more stones forming in the future.

There are several different types of crystals that can form stones in the urinary tract of cats and dogs, and depending on what they are; there may be changes to the diet that we need to address. Some of the symptoms, which could be displayed by your pet, include:

  • Increase in the amount your pet is  drinking
  • Presence of blood in their urine
  • Straining when attempting to urinate
  • Frequently urinating in small amounts
  • Complete lack of urine production(this can be an emergency)

If you’re concerned your pet is suffering from bladder stones and is showing any of the common signs, please contact us on 0114 250 7733, right away.