Harvey loves coming into the practice to say hello to all the staff at Peak Vets and has done since attending our brilliant Puppy Party, when he was just a few months old.White and brown - vet friendly hi-viz

Harvey has always enjoyed his food so his owners knew he was poorly when he suddenly lost his appetite, in the summer of 2019. He became very quiet and started to frequently vomit.

Even a big cuddle from the nurses after his examination couldn’t perk him up! 

Harvey was admitted to the practice where he was placed on an IV drip and had his blood checked on our in-house machines.

After a few hours, he had some x-rays taken which hinted that he may have a bowel obstruction.

Although the cause of the obstruction wasn’t obvious from the x-rays, a section of the small intestine could be seen to be bunched up in a line.

Harvey - x-ray

Nigel and Nicole operated on Harvey that afternoon.  They were amazed to find the bowel was obstructed by long, thick cords of seaweed which had twisted together to form something that resembled rope!

The cord of seaweed ran almost the entire length of the small bowel. Nigel also found and removed a takeaway ketchup carton from Harveys stomach along with more seaweed!

The surgery was challenging and time-consuming but after another 48 hours of care in the practice, from the vets and nurses, Harvey made a steady and rapid improvement. He was then able to go home to his relieved owners.

Harvey is now back enjoying his walks and days out and hasn’t looked back since his operation. 

Harvey is known to be a greedy chap, so his owners have treated him to a fetching new vest and muzzle. He wears them when he’s out and about to stop him eating anything he shouldn’t –  no further bowel surgery in the future please!